[REVIEW] Ramón and Julieta by Alana Albertson

[REVIEW] Ramón and Julieta by Alana Albertson

I was excited for this book when I first heard about it. I looove food-centric stories. I was even excited still when I read the not-so-great reviews for it. Sometimes I enjoy romances that no one else seems to like.

I was so incredibly disappointed by this one. I DNF’d at 63%, something I try to never do. I mean, I got more than halfway through, you’d think I could just suck it up and finish at that point, right?

I could read a story with the worst descriptive writing in the world, and as long as the dialogue was good and realistic, I could still enjoy it. I’m pretty sure every book I have ever DNF’d has had the worst dialogue in it.

Ramón and Julieta talked to each other like they were reading from a script written by middle schoolers. I was really enjoying the description of the setting and the story otherwise, but I just could not get past how the characters talked. Not even just how they talked, but I couldn’t believe Julieta would be so ready to work with, let alone start dating, Ramón right way. I was so confused by her actions. She didn’t even seem that conflicted about working with the man who owns a chain that stole your family recipe.

Also, I know it was the point of the story, but I will just never, ever find businessmen hot. Ramón had the charisma of a Baked Lays chip.

I’m giving it two stars, though, because I actually did enjoy the beginning enough to keep reading.

Rating: ★★

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